This is my first site, my first WordPress site, to be exact. Hello, world!

My name is Chelsea and I am a writer, artist, bibliophile, audiophile, and devourer of all things strange and unusual.

I have two books planned, one an urban fantasy and crime drama, in which most of the cast are shapeshifters. It includes wlw, a nonbinary character in the main cast, and polyamory. My other novel is magical tale set in a far future solarpunk aesthetic, drawing inspiration from His Dark Materials and Loveless. It contains more wlw and trans and nonbinary characters.

I have a few novellas as well, three centered around vampires, one about a changeling and their adventures with a young troll killer, and a married pair of ghostbusting and house flipping lesbians!

I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, but I am determined to be seen!

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