I rarely remember my dreams, but when I do, they’re either entertaining or weird enough to stand out. Or they have a lasting physical or mental effect on me, much like this one. I’ve had dreams that gave me inspiration on new or existing stories, but this was one I’d rather launch into the void (though it might be beneficial to horror writing, so we’ll see) and forget about.

It’s fading right now and I want to capture what little I remember of it while I can. I’ve sadly forgotten large chunks of it already; it was one of those dreams that seemed to lag on for hours and hours.

It was set in a retail store, and involved me and several coworkers evading and/or killing off superheroes hellbent on destroying us for some reason. I know we managed to off a few of them (including Klaus from The Umbrella Academy?) but I was separated from the growth and being chased by Cyborg from Teen Titans. Now, I’m not a superhero fan, and aside from that catchy Catching Villains song from the Teen Titans Go series, have not engaged with the genre recently, so I’m not sure how this all even started but –

Anyway, Cyborg is hunting me down (I think this was after I killed someone, cause of the whole self-defense thing) and corners me in a small room that has two doors on either side of me. I can’t see or hear him, but know he’s lurking somewhere near, and will barge in at any second. And yet I don’t do anything, can’t do anything, cause that would surely lead to my death, right? But staying still and doing nothing would also lead to my death. I don’t want to run the risk of trying to flee and running right into him, you know?

Cyborg must’ve picked up on that, cause I can sense him directly behind me, only he’s not budging, almost as if he’s trying to scare me into action so he can grab me from the other side. But because I’m not moving, he begins to lose patience and slams against the wall. I’ve still got that deer caught in the headlights mentality, so all I can do is press my back against the wall and hope someone comes to help me (they don’t).

So the longer I stand there, the more Cyborg causes the wall to shake and slowly crumble. He’s going to burst through at any moment now, and either crush me against the opposing wall or leave me to die beneath a mound of rubble. I think falling debris is what snaps me out of my indecision, because I finally find the courage to move, in turn causing the wall to crumple inwards. I can hear Cyborg grunting and cursing, and then I see a hand burst through the wall, reaching for what should’ve been my head.

I dart through a door, not caring if he sees me or not, just wanting to be free from the madman. And it seems to work, since I don’t hear footsteps behind me, but I can’t say for certain cause I’m not foolish enough to look back like Lot’s wife.

In any case, I make it back to my surviving coworkers, most of whom are camped out on a couch. The others are just casually shooting the shit, like we’re getting ready to close the store down for the night, and haven’t been fighting for our lives up until now. It has that uncanny valley vibe going on, and I’m just too tired and stunned to really call them out on their bullshit.

So I sit down on the couch, trying to relax. But the fear of Cyborg is weighing heavily on my mind, and I’m starting to think I imagined all of this, cause no one else seems to be concerned. But that fear is what makes me wish they’d all hurry up so we can leave.

The ending was rather uneventful (and also around the time I woke up), but we all got out without any further trouble or sight of Cyborg. That lingering fear of someone trying to hunt down and kill me haunted me well after I woke up, however. Writing about the dream has since calmed me down.

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