“Cat got your tongue,” Carolyn said with a chuckle.

Meike shook her head. She got that a lot and had long grown to ignore it. It was the only response she had for quips such as “You don’t talk much do you,” or the ever fatal “You’re a quiet one, huh”. Today was one of those rare ones where she felt inclined to do something about it, minor as it may be.

So she stuck out what was, at first glance, a tongue. But the reality of it became apparent with a second glance. The laughter in Carolyn’s throat died down and was replaced with a soft grunt of surprise and disgust. Meike silently wiggled the spectral organ around, a pale greenish hue in her otherwise pink mouth.

Carolyn forgot a packet of herbs in her haste to leave the store, but not the money she owed. It was Meike’s turn to laugh as she bounced the bills and coins in her hand. Worked like a charm every time.

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